Okay, so who stole January.  I’m sure I only took the Christmas Tree down a few days ago.

Here’s a desktop and mobile phone background to cheer up this dreary time of the year.

So, what’s in store for your February?  Valentine’s day will soon be upon us and I hope that you have some romance in your life; especially this month.  There’s a lot going on here; not least, the beginning of the Ultimate Portfolio Builder course with the Make It In Design team.  I’m really looking forward to this and hope to share my work along the way.

I’m happy to share these images with you for your personal use, but please remember that all images, patterns and designs are under copyright to Casper & Mr P.  You may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way.  If you wish to share on your own instagram or blog (and I’d be really happy if you did!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file.

It would also be great to hear what you think of this design, feel free to leave a comment.

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January Winter Warmers


So, here we are in 2018.  It’s cold, wet, icy, foggy, snowy and storms galore, but there’s nothing better than hunkering down with something to keep you warm.  Normally, this is accompanied by a good book and a little tipple!

I’m delighted to share my latest finds on Folksy and Etsy to keep you warm throughout the winter.  All these items are hand-made by independent makers.  I’m sure you’ll have a warm glow after looking at all this coziness!  Check the makers out below:

  1. Fair Isle Blanket Pure Wool Pink
  2. Hand Knitted chunky Scarf
  3. Icelandic Hot Water Bottle Pure Wool
  4. Rectangular tartan neck warmer
  5. Lambswool Fair Isle Arm Warmers
  6. Handknitted Cabled Womens Slipper Boot

There’s a whole creative world out there to explore, just dive into it and find an usual or unique design.


On my walk today …


My surface pattern design has a good grounding in my surroundings, and it’s not all about florals.  Inspiration comes from many sources and I enjoy looking out for geometric patterns on my walk.  On our daily walk, Patch and I pass lots of gates, walls, road coverings, doorways etc and you can find some really interesting patterns if you take the time to look.    Here’s just a few images of objects and structures that we passed by today.  I love these colours, so will try and pull out a colour palette on this one too.  Even though these objects are made of steel and concrete which (in January) in very cold, the colours look surprisingly warm.

What do you walk past every day that could be a source of inspiration for a design for you?


Planning for Success

I mentioned yesterday that we’d be planning today.  All the decorations came down first thing this morning and our Christmas tree is now in the log store drying out.  We’ll be using this as fuel for the log burner when it’s ready.

So, the question is why plan?  Well, do you ever get to the end of the month and wonder where it’s gone?  Chances are that you started off with good intentions and time just slipped by.  We loved this quote attributed to the highly successful, Bill Gates – “My success, part of it certainly, is that I have focused in on a few things.” – and it is how we have designed our planner page.

There are 5 main areas for focus:

  • special people in your life – life events: birthdays and anniversaries
  • special events – where do you really want to go to this month; an exhibition, a show, a place.
  • yourself – how are you going to improve/sustain your health and wellbeing
  • your goal – what is your key goal for the month and how will you achieve this
  • and finally, something to think about in the background.

So if you would also like to use this planner, hop over to the shop tab – there’s a choice of two planners for January, one more printer friendly than the other, just in case you prefer to save your ink!

Here’s my copy of the January planner; it’s not finished yet, but you get the gist, and just in case you are wondering what Stourhead is, it’s the Beautiful House and Garden at Stourhead, Wiltshire, owned by the National Trust.



Stourhead is one of my all time favourite places to go for a walk and whether the garden is in full bloom or shedding it’s autumnal leaves, you can be sure of a wonderful vista from all the monuments around the lake.

Here’s hoping for a productive January!

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It’s January and for me this means goal setting and ‘spring cleaning’. Oh! and my birthday!

We always take our Christmas tree down on the 1st January and what follows can only be described as a tornado of activity as all the dust reveals itself from the last two weeks.  Once the house is in order then we can turn our attention to planning to ensure that we make the most of our time.

I’ve got lots of ideas running around in my mind for January and this has led me to design a planning page for January.  To go with this and to brighten up my day, I’ve designed a desktop for my imac and iphone.  If you’d like to brighten up your January too, click on the image above to download to your own set to put on your computer and phone.

Did you know that Carnations are the January birth flower? Mainly, carnations express love, fascination, and distinction, although different colours have different meanings.  It is the national flower of Spain, Monaco and Slovenia.

The inspirational quote is taken from a poem by Erin Hanson of The Poetic Underground  I love her poetry and felt that January was, indeed, a time to fly.  Be brave and live your dream is essentially what it’s saying – so go ahead and start flying.  Tomorrow I will post a link to my January planner page which will be for sale for £1.  It is a PDF download that you can print at home.

I’m happy to share these images with you for your personal use, but please remember that all images, patterns and designs are under copyright to Casper & Mr P.  You may not reproduce, re-create or sell in any way.  If you wish to share on your own instagram or blog (and I’d be really happy if you did!) please direct your readers to this post to download the file.

It would also be great to hear what you think of this design, feel free to leave a comment.

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Entering Competitions; you never know, you might win!

There’s lots of opportunities to get your design work out into the public sphere and entering competitions is one of them.  There are so many competitions available and it’s good to take a moment to consider what you are trying to achieve by taking part.

I decided to take part in the Wraptious competition this year and although I didn’t make the shortlist, I was really pleased that I received such a positive response to my designs.  So, why did I do it?

Well, there’s a number of things I wanted to achieve:

  • give myself confidence in my own designs – very important.  Fear is one of the biggest hurdles to overcome; will anyone like what I’ve done? is it good enough?  It only takes 10 seconds of courage to get over your fear.
  • Say “Hi, this is me and what I’m capable of” to a design company.  Starting to get your name, brand and designs out there might lead to other companies contacting you.
  • Receive feedback from people; in a competition this is usually done through votes, and I was really pleased with the amount of comments I received on these designs.
  • If you are shortlisted or win, it forms part of your CV.

So, if you are a budding designer, have a look on the web for design competitions and take that first leap of faith, you never know, you might surprise yourself!

Here’s my competition entry for this year’s Wraptious competition – the collection is called Geo-Hieroglyphs.

These designs where aimed at a teenage/young adult market.  Fresh and saturated colours to brighten up a bedroom or sitting room.

I can’t tell you how soft and velvety (is that a word!) these cushions are, so tactile, you can’t help but stroke it.  They are made from Vegan Suede (this is made from microfibre) and it is just so soft to the touch; very comforting and cosy.

These designs are available for a few more days, so if you fancy having any of these, please click the link HERE to go to the Wraptious website.

Wraptious Competition

Colour Inspiration

Colour Inspiration


This has to be one of my favourite places – Stourhead in Wiltshire.

As Henry Hoare said himself, “The greens should be ranged together in large masses as the shades are in painting: to contrast the dark masses with light ones, and to relieve each dark mass itself with little sprinkling of lighter greens here and there.”

The centre piece of the garden is the lake and as you walk around this, various aspects reveal beautiful scenes and colours.  We go here often for a walk and although it has become extremely busy with visitors, you can always find a spot of quiet reflection.

This photo shows the Temple of Apollo surrounded by trees and shrubs.  The garden is equally beautiful in summer and autumn with amazing views and beautiful colours.

This colour palette is available a swatch book – Download colour palette here  It’s going to be available until 31st January 2018.

If you use this colour palette, why don’t you pop a link in the comments boxes to showcase your patterns.